Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Maemi Serenade

The tenor took position on my window's mosquito net. Moments later, the maemistro started its strident recital.

I only had time to clumsily turn my mobile phone's camera on, and I would be all thumbs with this device if the expression hadn't that positive meaning nowadays... so this video appears on the wrong direction.

I found a way of rotating it perfectly, but then the sound disappeared*. OK, it was poorly reproduced, but it gives you an idea of what filled the room. So here's my lousy bootleg video of that maemi serenade :

The artist left without waiting for a well deserved round of applause. Maybe he was a relative of the cicada I saved two summers ago (see "
Save Korean maemis").

SM 200908

* if you happen to know how to rotate a .mp4 video AND preserve the sound, I'm all ears...

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