Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jongno-gu boars love goguma

On a piece of land she owns at the feet of Bukhansan, this old lady grows veggies for her personal use, for friends, and sometimes for unwelcomed visitors.

Her eggplants taste much better than the purple output of your usual greenhouse (or "vinyl house" as they are called here). And her zucchini leaves make a perfect wrap around the right rice and fine doenjang.

Some of her neighbors often cause trouble : whole families of wild boars come every now and then, picking up - more or less gracefully - a chunk of her productions.

One day she harvested sweet potatoes (goguma), she left a few rotten ones on the ground. The next day, she found the whole surface perfectly plowed : the boars came, tasted, enjoyed what they ate, and seeked for more. To no avail.

But for the first time, they somehow paid for the service.


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