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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Waiting for the next Olympic games

Following the Olympic Games on Korean TV can be kind of frustrating : the volume of images is absolutely gigantic, but they mostly consist of runs and reruns of Korean triumphs because TV rights have been awarded to a pool of all major broadcasters, and for fear of losing the audience wars, no one dares show any event featuring no national athlete.

And even when there is a Korean athlete, you need to get the side informations over the web (no, I don't enjoy watching Park Tae-hwan ad nauseam and yes, Michael Phelps won that race and snatched a world record).

SBS more than doubled the price to get the TV rights for Olympic Games 2010-2014. The $72.5M deal includes full multimedia rights for North Korea.

Let's hope that by then, all bad habits will have changed both sides of the DMZ.

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